Ironorun from Ile Ila by Tosin Oshinowo draws from Adire Iconography

The table featurs slender laser cut and powder coated steel legs topped with an oval-shaped sheet of tempered glass.

Ironorun is a modern steel and glass dining table and is the latest design piece from Ile Ila by Tosin Oshinowo.

The table, was inspired by chance as it was originally a bespoke design for a client who required a modern piece for a bay window that would catch the equator sunset. This birthed the slender laser cut and powder coated steel legs, that cast elegant shadows by the sun’s fading rays, topped with an oval-shaped sheet of tempered glass.

“It’s all in the base structure,…The twisting form of 4mm steel sheets elegantly carrying the 16mm tempered glass that appears almost invisible on top.”

Tosin Oshinowo

Ironorun speaks to Tosin’s Yoruba custom and culture – working hand-in-hand with and being inspired by nature, whilst demonstrating its contemporary place. The laser cut pattern, in its steel legs, is interpreted from the Adire iconography ‘Guinea Corn’, whose proverb says, “the hand that feeds you never lacks.” This combination culminates in what is Tosin’s boldest furniture design statement to date, a reflection of her Afro-minimalist style and clean Yoruba aesthetic.

Akaba Parasa

To complement the table, Tosin has collaborated with the celebrated artist, Olu Amoda, integrating his Akaba Parasa stools as seating. Olu Amoda is the founder of Riverside Art and Design Studios in Yaba, Lagos. His Akaba Parasa stools take their cue from the simplicity of form versus void. The orange of the stool, simulates a firing process while the polished stainless steel solid speaks to a timeless quality.

“Olu is known for working with metal. Our collaboration speaks through Ironorun’s shapely twists and the Akaba Parasa stools’ ergonomic pinch – it’s all about an elegant tension.”

Tosin Oshinowo

Making Ironorun

While produced in Bergamo, Italy, Tosin emphasizes, Ironorun’s relevance as, being a product of the continent’s design narrative. It tells a story of an alternative design approach; one that is aligned with the elements, traditional customs and symbology, but which transcends cultures and speaks to a universal audience.

“Design is intellectual property that takes into consideration specific use. It is not ‘region’ specific but ‘use’ specific. We were looking for a certain quality and technological delivery that we found in Italy. We live in a global world and I see no reason why we cannot learn and exchange knowledge with other regions to improve the quality of our craft.”

Tosin Oshinowo


  • Materials: Steel + Tempered glass
  • Dimensions: 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 920mm(H)
  • Weight (steel): 75kg
  • Weight (glass): 30kg
  • Price (table): £12,300
  • Price per stool: £670
  • Production Time: 6 weeks

Ironorun is currently on display at Floor One 9, Eko Hotel & Suites, 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola street, Kuramo Waters, Victoria Island, Lagos until March 2020.

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