yellow ijoko abeti aja aso oke arm chair by inuda creations

Ijoko Abeti Aja – A Modern Aso Oke Armchair by Inuda Creations

Inspired by the traditional cap of the Yoruba people of Nigeria “Abeti Aja”, the chair is a fusion of modern, cultural and timeless living.

Aptly named Ijoko Abeti Aja like it’s inspiration, the armchair is designed by Nigerian Architect, Tolulope Adebayo – Creative Director of Inuda Creations.

According to Tolulope, “the concept of the chair is to replicate the Yoruba cap ‘abeti aja’ used by the Yorubas. ’Abeti Aja’ literally means ‘like the ears of a dog’. This style of Yoruba cap looks like a triangle with two edges sticking out like the ears of a dog. It’s commonly worn by Yoruba drummers.”

abeti aja cap inspiration
The inspiration – Abeti Aja cap usually won by Yoruba drummers.

The armchair can be described as a traditional piece with modern sensibilities. It has the timelessness of culture with the clean lines of a modern design. According to the designer,

The idea of the chair is to create an African product that readily works in a contemporary/modern space, basically a modern chair that still depicts the African culture.

Aside from drawing the inspiration of the form from the Yoruba culture, the choice of material doesn’t fall behind. The chair is upholstered with the Aso Oke, short for “aso llu oke” – the traditional fabric of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. For the frame, Mahogany/Teak wood is used.

The armchair is designed to be used as an occasional or accent chair. Its use cuts across being used in commercial spaces, or in homes. The geometric, dynamic look of the chair, its vibrant colours and rich texture make it an eye-catching addition to any space.

ijoko abeti aja aso oke armchair in budgit office
Ijoko Abeti Aja armchair in Budgit office

About the Designer

Tolulope Adebayo

The IJOKO ABETI AJA was designed by Tolulope Adebayo, the creative director of Inuda creations in October 2020 and was or the first time displayed at Design week Lagos in 23rd, October 2020.It has also been in display in certain office spaces such as BudgIT office.

Tolulope Adebayo studied architecture in the university of lagos to the Master’s level, worked in an interior firm or about three years before starting inuda creations in 2019

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