Hanging Out: Kodama Zomes by Richie Duncan

While their intention may not be to redefine “hanging out” (how corny can I get?) these hanging geodesic domes which act as love seat, bed, and private hammock, would make the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors with family and loved ones.

Designed by structural engineer Richie Duncan, they’re called Kodama Zomes, ” ...the synthesis of geodesic domes, which were invented by revolutionary architect Buckminster Fuller, and zonodehral polygons, as found in natural sacred geometry” and incase you haven’t figured it out yet the term “zome” is the combination of “zonohedra” and “dome”. He described them as ” a combination of art and structure, of engineering and architecture, of sacred geometry and human proportion…” and, quite frankly, I can’t argue with that.

Kodama-Zome-hanging-bed-7-600x600 Kodama-Zome-hanging-bed-9-600x600 Kodama-Zome-hanging-bed-8-600x600

They’re very different and have a very appealing geometry of powder coated steel and outdoor grade polyester webbing. A Custom mattress and cushions offer comfort while suspending from a tree in your back yard or a roof beam on your terrace. Or if you prefer, you could get the ‘Zomes’ freestanding stand while offers the same experience without needed to find a support as well as a waterproof outdoor cover, to ensure you can still ‘hang out’ in the rain.

container-house-living1 Kodama-Zome-hanging-bed-2-600x400 Kodama-Zome-hanging-bed-3-600x400 Kodama-Zome-hanging-bed-5-600x400 Kodama-Zome-hanging-bed-4-600x450

[via design milk]

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