De-Dimension Foldable Furniture by Jongha Choi

Designed by Korean designer, Jongha Choi, the De-Dimension series of foldable furniture is a set of visually playful furniture pieces that can literally fold from three-dimensional to a flat two-dimensional form.

This is made possible through clever design and the use of mechanical fasteners that lock the form in place when folded. The pieces are lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy.

Mr. Choi’s inspiration for this clever set of furniture comes from a weakness in one of his eyes that compelled him to perceive the world differently from others. Its a brilliant collection of colourful furniture that can fold flat to be hung and displayed on the wall like artwork, easily stored in the most minimal of spaces. [via treehugger]

De-dimension_Jongha-Choi 2 De-dimension_Jongha-Choi 3
De-dimension_Jongha-Choi 4PHOTO © 2015 LISA KLAPPEDe-dimension_Jongha-Choi

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