Create Furniture Without Tools Using SNAP by Be-Elastic

Ever wondered where you could find an easy and innovative way to create cost effective bespoke tables, shelving etc,. Well Erika and Maria of Be-Elastic have created SNAP, and it does just that.

As they describe it, SNAP is an assembly system for furniture that with an innovative mechanism that allows you to design endless one-of-a-kind tables, TV stands, shelves, among others”.

SNAP allows you create tables from things as far flung as dartboards or even bicycle wheels. Just ‘Snap-on’ these unique steel legs and in a few seconds, you have instant furniture. No tools, or drilling holes, plus it’s up to you how many legs your table should have, or what color, shape or material you’d prefer to adopt. SNAP adapts to the needs of everyone, anytime.

We’ve spent a long time on this product. We knew we wanted legs that would connect to all types of board, but the first question  that arose was the way we ought to go about it. We made our first prototype with clothes hangers, which needless to say did not work. …But it was a good starting point after many prototypes. There were many issues to resolve. It was a long process of trial and error with the collaboration of factories. – Erica & Maria

In case you’re wondering how it works, its fairly simple. With one finger you can pull down the flexible portion and put SNAP to the board. Now the cable: apart from just having an aesthetic function, it’s a key element. When tightened, the flexible piece is set and the table is perfectly stable. Finally you only have to put the cable in the designated hole and, voilà! It’s done! It’s that easy to put on and take off SNAP.

Not only does SNAP make great tables, but you can also stack several levels on top of each other to safely make shelves! Simply place the base of the legs in the V-shaped wedges on top of the table. The V shape will prevent the different levels from slipping and falling, and within minutes you’ll have your own personalized shelves in your living space.

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