Take A Look At These Afro-Urban Lightweight Concrete Furniture By Konkere Designs

Konkere Designs, an afro-urban, sustainable, minimalist furniture and lifestyle company in Nigeria, creates handmade lightweight concrete furniture for both indoor and outdoor use for folks who love simplicity and creativity.

Concrete furniture has emerged as a popular choice due to its unique blend of aesthetic appeal, versatility, and durability, surpassing popular options like wood or metal. Through their products, Konkere designs show that concrete furniture is not limited to grey or industrial styles. Their products are available in various colors and finishes, making them suitable for any interior design preference. This versatile material can be molded into any shape, offering endless design possibilities.

Workdesk in concrete furniture collection by Konkere designs

Their products range from simple concrete side tables to larger concrete dining tables and are available in natural plain concrete or patterned concrete. Because concrete as a material is effortlessly maintained and has a timeless character, their products can be used in different spaces (indoor and outdoor). The Anu side stool, for instance, is a sturdy, minimalist, hand-crafted concrete stool with Matte black, rust-proof, origami metal base. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Their concrete furniture also provides versatility for those seeking unique pieces of furniture. The Ayo side stool is one of the pieces of furniture in their collection that provides this option. It has a lightweight amorphous concrete top with a matte black metal base.

concrete side stool by Konkere designs.
Anu Side Stool by Konkere designs.

In summary, these concrete furniture pieces by Konkere Designs focus on elegance, minimalism, sustainability, style, and timelessness. Explore Konkere Designs for pieces that effortlessly combine aesthetic appeal with a commitment to lasting quality.

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