Chair from the future: Zhang Zhoujie’s Triangulation Chair and other Digital furniture.

For a long time hand made crafted furniture, which we all love, borne out of design and construction have dominated the design universe, but now, there is a new breed of furniture taking centerstage – Digital Furniture. According to Zhoujie, “computer should play a much more important role in design. Designers can set the constraints in computers and allow it to think and design by itself. It is a kind of artificial intelligence, and it is very exciting to see what artificial intelligence can design“. While I do not completely agree with allowing the computer think for itself, I do welcome the idea of computer aided designs. The honest truth is that, there is a high level of detailing and precision digital furnitures gives you, plus it tools you to create dynamic furniture that would have remained as concepts because of their complexities or would have taken longer years to develop.
How he did it? Zhoujie designed the Triangulation chair without any limitation by followimg his own fundamental rules of designing without anticipation respecting digital and logical rules, and giving as little control as possible. He inputs some basic math logics such as movement of points. With these inputs, you see the chair transform from a 2D plane into 3 dimensional. It does sound like you just input data into the computer and the computer does the rest for you, right? Well, it doesn’t work that way. Looking at the video, one will realise he did considerable work by himself before the computer did the final work. You really have to understand how structures work and how you can relate it to a design. That way, you can give the computer the right parameter to work with.

The A -variant

(From zhangzhoujie.) 
“A digital chair with a fractal beauty. Every triangle is a unique shape and size, precisely fixed together by hand. A special technique is used to join the triangles without creating a welding flaw. This creates both a comfortable and light chair, easily moved with one hand”

The B -variant Triangulation Chair

(From zhangzhoujie.) 
“The B variant chair falls between the A and C variants in terms of composition, with a mix of sharp angles and resolved element flow. Its back starts from the same point, like an explosion creating its radical flared shape”

~ The C variant ~

(From zhangzhoujie.) 
“The C variant features a smoother transition from the chair back to the legs, utilising a more uniform layout and size of triangular composition. The result is a much more refined and stylised chair, appearing civilised and tamed in comparison to its brothers






~ The new variant ~

(From zhangzhoujie.)
“This new variation explores more faceted surface. The smaller facets folds organically against the human back, carefully avoiding the spine, to create a more personalized and comfortable sitting experience”

~ The Stool ~

(From zhangzhoujie.) 
“An elegant arching stool, created using handmade digital crafts. It’s digital roots give it an architectural and sparse aesthetic not commonly found at this scale. Using the same advanced fabrication techniques devised in the digital laboratory it is both light and comfortable.”

You will agree with me that these chairs and the tables look extremely futuristic and represent the height of contemporary furniture and minimalism. I find them absolutely fantastic! Zhoujie is the first Chinese Designer to be invited to Milan Salone Satellite, Cologne IMM and 100% Design London, to represent young Chinese designers in the highest design stage of the world.
P.s; all these furniture are on limited edition due to the demanding requirements of customized furniture.
~ Source ~
Zhang Zhoujie
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