Boogertman and Partners Launch Box Office Prototype

South African architecture practice, Boogertman and Partners recently launched the first prototype of Box Office, a standalone unit that creates space to Work. Play or Study.

The Box Office model comes in three variants, a Light Weight version that is best suited for indoor installation as it has limited waterproofing, the Mid Weight version which can be installed Indoors and Outdoors and has improved thermal and acoustic efficiencies through the double wall that is filled with glass wool insulation and the Heavy Weight model which has all of the features of the first two variants but also includes WiFi installation and an air conditioner.

“Working with our turnkey business BIT ( Boogertman Interiors Turnkey) we built the Mid Weight version to settle any snags and prepare the production line. Sitting and working in Box Office while we have been testing it, I have been struck by the quality of the finishes, they really do contribute to the level of comfort. The sense of spaciousness created by the units extra height and the natural light provided by the one glass side and door combined with the quality fittings makes it feel solid and welcoming.“

Greg Reid, Associate Director, Boogertman +Partners

“When the Boogertman + Partners teams started working on the practices COVID-19 design responses no one had a real understanding of how long the pandemic would last, nor how big the impact would be in terms of creating ‘Work From Home’ as an ongoing lifestyle of hybrid working. “We know from various studies circulating in the market that Working Moms have been hit the hardest and struggle the most with drawing the boundary of ‘being at home’ and available, versus ‘working at home’ and being off limits….While we think the unit has great versatility and many possible applications we anticipate that it will have a large residential market as people retrofit their homes to include longer term ‘Work From Home’ solutions.” “

Glenda Venn, Consulting Marketing Manager at Boogertman + Partners

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