As it Unfolds: Growth Plant Pot by Ayaskan

I tried my hands at origami when I was younger, and it still fascinates me today. Though I haven’t had a go at a fold in years, it still remains something I’d like to take up once again.

So you can imagine my excitement at seeing, what appears to be, an origami-based flower pot that has the ability to actually transform and grow with the plant. This marvel is called GROWTH. Here’s how the designers, Ayaskan, describe it;

GROWTH, with its origami-based geometry, transforms and grows with the plant, as the plant itself unfolds over time.

The life cycle of a plant is a transformation, from an early seed to its full grown size; the blooming of a flower, the unfolding of a leaf, the branching of the roots. This process is what GROWTH aims to capture within a plant pot.

growth_070715_01 growth_070715_02-800x539 growth_070715_03-800x531 growth_070715_04-800x531 growth_070715_05-800x1204 growth_070715_06-800x1204

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