Afro-Fusion Furniture: The Patewo Chair By Salu Iwadi Studio Is Inspired By A Nigerian Hairstyle

  • Designer: Salù Iwadi Studio
  • Production: Dakar, Senegal
  • Material: Steel

The Patewo chair by Salu Iwadi Studio, is a striking fusion of contemporary design and traditional African craftsmanship, inspired by the intricate beauty of the Patewo hairstyle. With its bold lines, dynamic shapes, and rich textures, the chair is both a functional piece of furniture and a captivating work of art.

At its core, the chair features a central motif inspired by the Yoruba word for applause, A gesture that symbolizes support, cooperation, and solidarity. This word ‘Patewo’ was then transformed as a metaphor to mean an iconic hairstyle that visually represents the gesture of interlocking hands while making applause.

The Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio.

The chair is a tribute to the Yoruba language’s intricate beauty and poetic nature. It is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it celebrates the artistry and tradition inherent in this hairstyle, while also exploring themes of identity, heritage, and the interconnectedness of the African diaspora.

Nigerian Patewo hairstyle.
The Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio.

The chair’s frame is constructed from sleek, curved steel members, echoing the fluidity and
movement of the Patewo hairstyle. Each curve is carefully sculpted to evoke the graceful contours of the hairstyle, while also providing ergonomic support and comfort for the seated individual.

The chair’s form and composition are designed to evoke a sense of movement and dynamism, as if the members are in constant motion, dancing and swaying with the rhythm of life in equilibrium. This dynamic quality symbolizes the resilience and vitality of Nigerian culture, as well as the ever-evolving nature of identity and self-expression.

The Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio.
Lady sitting on the The Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio.
Lady sitting on The Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio.

Each member is meticulously sculpted, capturing the intricate weaving, and twisting that characterizes the Patewo hairstyle. The members cascade down the chair’s surface, forming a mesmerizing tapestry of interlocking patterns and shapes.

Lady sitting on the The Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio.
The Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio.

Through its evocative imagery and rich symbolism, the chair invites viewers to reflect on the beauty of cultural heritage, the power of self-expression, and the importance of honoring traditions in a rapidly changing world. It serves as a timeless celebration of the artistry, craftsmanship, and cultural significance of the Patewo hairstyle, while also inviting dialogue and appreciation for Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry.

The Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio.

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