A ‘Bookworm’ for Bookworms: Organic Bookcase design by Atelier010

This is a sculptural piece of furniture aptly named ‘bookworm‘. It was designed by a Dutch team, Atelier010, to be “an organic bookcase” offering storage for those timeless printed treasures as well as a place to relax and dive into them.

The curved shape is self-supporting, created by bending thin layers of MDF and plywood along custom molds. Though self supporting, a stainless steel foot on the side of the ‘worm’ keeps it upright. The outside wall may be sprayed in colour while the inside spaces and shelving would be serve if left in white as pictured below. A final accent is the quirky light bulb that hangs from the top of the ‘worm’ to give light to the reader nestled beneath it and could also be a nod to the iconic ‘light-bulb’ moment from whence ideas are birthed.

in the book worm
a display and form and function, art and space
a great piece for any large enough space
a lightbulb for those ‘aha’ moments
sitting pretty


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