Loft 9b is the Perfect Blend of a Modern, Industrial and Rustic Interior

Loft 9b is a penthouse located in Sofia, Bulgaria, belonging to Architect Dimitar Karanikolov and Interior Designer Veneta Nikolova. The home has a characteristic dark and refined industrial look, owing to it’s prominent polished concrete wall (that welcomes you when you enter) combined with other dark toned design elements. The overarching result of this 2 year project, is a well balanced space that offers the right amount of cozy with the right amount of warmth.

Above the entrance, a mezzanine floor was created to add additional space to the house. This was used as a resting area en-suite with a tub built into the floor. The space overlooks the living room and is accessed by a ladder at the entrance of the house.

Entrance with polished concrete wall and industrial styled book shelf.
A view of the entry, dining and kitchen area showing a balanced mix of light and dark tones.

The resting area.

One’s initial concern that the space would be dark due to the concrete wall, immediately slips away as the space opens up into the living room. The walls of the living room are painted white with a prominent light-toned brick accent wall. Massive daylight floods the space from it’s high level windows and fully glassed exterior walls. There is nothing dark in here. As you move further into the main living room, the experience translates from the coziness experienced at the entrance of the house to a feeling of openness and warmth.

The choice of dark tones and industrial elements can also be seen in the kitchen. A combination of solid wood and metal contrasts successfully with the plain white walls. One of our favorite features in addition to the wall at the entrance, is this vintage trunk style custom wardrobe in the bedroom. It’s retro look combined with the re-purposed wood used for the bed adds a rustic appeal to the space.

The characteristic dark tones were carried through to the bathroom with it’s bold dark walls and floor combined with a solid wood panel and storage.


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