Tinh Lang Villa in Vietnam by MIA Design Studio is inspired by Tropical Resorts


It is such an oppressive industrialized life, the feelings of being “trapped” into the rigid concrete walls, and lacking of natural air and light are common problems of people in big cities. With the architects who appreciate the quality of life, a modern air conditioning system is not the solution. The solution is the design style that brings comfort and good health to the place where you return every day after work.

The house was designed which is simple but elegant details, taking the inspiration from “resort” creates natural air and light, is the answer that many people are looking for. Smart scheming do not require large area to help a house keeping its modern lifestyle with sufficient amenities and being connected to the nature with a small courtyard and outdoor spaces as well as securing the indispensable privacy.

For utilizing the fresh air from the green garden, the house seems to be widely opened thanks to the sliding to “access” to the closest nature. There is also a place to gather the whole family gathering together after works, or on weekends or holidays.

Modern inspiration in tropical architecture is expressed through three floors with 2.7-meterscantilever to create the shading of afternoon’s sun and minimize the temperature affected in the house in the levels. Besides that, there is an architectural language for the house that makes the villa a resort style in the big city.”Less is more” is design philosophy was shown clearly through this house.


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