This Townhouse in Vietnam by MDarchitects Features a Facade of Planter Boxes

Project Details
  • Architects: MDarchitects
  • Area : 300 sqm
  • Year : 2021
  • Photographs: Minq Bui
  • Manufacturers :  Hafele, An Cuong Wood, Mitsubishi, Phillips, Toto
  • Design Team : Nguyen Minh, Nhật Phạm, Phan Duyên
  • Construction Team : Phan Hùng, Đại Nghĩa, Đông Vũ , Nguyễn Tồn.
  • City : Ho Chi Minh City
  • Country : Vietnam

This house is located at a site measuring 5x16m and sandwiched between two existing houses, the facade faces the small street and the back is another house- a typical townhouse in Vietnamese urban.

With 3 generations living in, the owner’s requirement focuses on private spaces for each member and public spaces to connect all members during family time. Beside, ventilation should be considered.

A big void is put in the middle of the townhouse as a ventilation pipe for all spaces. Sunlights and winds can get in by the glass roof and aluminum louvers on top. Two small gardens in the middle and the back of the ground floor as green spaces for this house.

The older’s bedroom is added on between two gardens on the ground floor, 2 bedrooms for 5 years old-child and parents on the second floor, the living-dinning space is on the first floor as a public space so that all members can come together. Every category space has two sides ventilating to voids or gardens by sliding doors to provide cross-ventilation. A small exercise room open to the garden is on the rooftop where can observe sunlight through the trees in the morning.

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