The W House in Vietnam by NguyenHieuARC is Punctured by Light Wells and Green Courts

Project Details
  • Project Name: W house
  • Project location: Vinh yen – Vinh phuc – Vietnam-
  • Gross Built Area: 400sqm
  • Architecture Firm: NguyenHieuARC
  • Contact e-mail:
  • Lead Architects: Nguyen Trung Hieu

W house is a house built in a new urban area in Vinh Yen City. With the location of the corner lot, the construction site has the advantage of convenient access to the outside space. However, the direction of the facade along the length of the land is the main direction of the West. Therefore, the problem for the architects when designing the house is how to make good use of the first two advantages, and at the same time, solving the problem of direct heat outside.

On the ground floor, a large setback in the north is both a parking lot as well as a buffer between the outside space and the living room, it helps to reduce dust and noise commonly found when the building is adjacent to the road. On the west side, small setbacks such as wet yards and green trees make the interior functional space unaffected by the harsh rays of the sun. With such a layout, the living room space will receive the late afternoon sunlight through the foliage. In particular, all functional spaces on the first floor are connected to the skylight on the east side of the building. With the waterfall and fish tank in this atrium, it is very effective to make up for the space. Every position on the first floor can view the waterfall and catch the rays of sunlight from the east. The arrangement of the skylight in a reasonable ventilation position makes the first floor always cool with the winds circulating through the waterfall and the fish tank.

On the first floor. The bedrooms are taken to the north and east. The way to block the sun of the bedrooms is quite special. When the diagonal wall arrays are arranged, the calculation is reasonable. This diagonal wall and the glass partition separating the bedroom space from the outside form an air intake. It causes the hot air formed by the absorption of heat in the outer diagonal wall to be released, then the bedroom will always have access to a comfortable heat flow. Master bedroom with waterfall view at skylight. In addition to the aesthetic factor, the air circulation in the east and the opening in the west helps to keep the room airy and cool.

All auxiliary spaces such as dressing room, wc and floor corridor are covered by solid walls but are always filled with natural light with skylights throughout from the first floor.

It can be seen at first glance the work from the outside, the solid blocks are arranged to make us imagine a confined space, lacking in light inside. However, with reasonable ground treatment, the arrangement of skylights in favor of the microclimate, ingenuity when arranging the diagonal walls to block the sun. The architect has taken full advantage of the advantages as well as minimized the western advantages of the land to form an impressive architectural work.

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