The Lantern House in California by Feldman Architecture

As the name implies, this lantern inspired home was designed by San Francisco based Feldman Architecture, in a suburban area of Palo Alto, California.

It features an open floor plan  with direct access to a superbly landscaped backyard that boasts a patio space with a path leading to a corner seating area. A circular opening in the roof over the patio creates a view of the sky, and at the same time, a distinct shadow on the grass below.

The lantern effect the home offers is thanks to both the materials and lighting design. Soft lighting diffuses through fenestration to give a feeling of warmth. This is probably most evident in the stairwell area which features a slender screen that runs the entire height of the space, casting rays of sunlight inside during the day, and emitting horizontal stripes on the outside in the evening, thanks to the signature pendant lighting in the stairwell.

lantern-house_130416_01 lantern-house_130416_02 lantern-house_130416_03 lantern-house_130416_04 lantern-house_130416_05 lantern-house_130416_06 lantern-house_130416_07 lantern-house_130416_08 lantern-house_130416_09 lantern-house_130416_10

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