Siglap Plain in Singapore by Aamer Architects Features a Metal Lattice Facade

A 450 sqm home in Singapore designed by Aamer Architects, makes a strong case for the viability tropical residential design in a dense urban context.

Making use a passive solar design principles, the Siglap Plain House combines a strong sense of design and geometry with a bold use of materials to create an exemplary blend of contextual contemporary design deliberately crafted for its geographical situation. Here’s a description from the architects (via archdaily),

Located in front of a bus-stop at a junction of a minor road and a busy main road, this reconstruction of a small bungalow house is attracting attention from the community for its dynamic form and interesting use of materials. The unique combination of raw off-form concrete and finely crafted solid teak screens from Bali veils and protects the house from its harsh urban environment without compromising on views, natural light and ventilation.

siglap plain plans 01 siglap plain plans 02 siglap plain plans 03siglap plain 09

Solid boundary walls and landscaping mitigate the traffic noise from the main road while providing an intriguing visual delight to bus drivers, passengers and passersby.

The grand double volume living room, surrounded by a mezzanine study, library and corridors improves connection between occupants and gives the living space a dynamic interactive quality.

siglap plain 08 siglap plain 06 siglap plain 04

At ground level, the internal spaces of the house blends easily with the outdoor decks, gardens and swimming pool, which also provides passive cooling to the house. The master bedroom located in the attic enjoys the comfort of deep overhangs, plenty of natural light and long distant views, not typical of such a dense urban site.

siglap plain 10 siglap plain 07 siglap plain 03 siglap plain 11 siglap plain 02 siglap plain 05 siglap plain 12 siglap plain 01

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