Located within a quiet residential area in Izumi City, Osaka, Japan is what I believe could be a new model for compact family dwellings. Covering just approximately 100sqm, this unique detached family home was designed by Ninkipen and features a private courtyard garden around which the entirety of the residence is designed.

The courtyard garden combines both the driveway and a raised garden/yard, while the home is organised in an L-shape around it. Varying levels and heights were established in a bid to enrich the interior spaces as well as the exterior vista and function. With no windows on the external facade, the courtyard provides light and ventilation as well as direct access into the kitchen and dining areas via framed sliding doors. An open study is placed on a slightly higher level and lit from a void above. The different levels within the home give the illusion of a larger floorplan and allow for a peculiar spatial flow and experience whilst ensuring optimal lighting and ventilation. The bedroom level also opens out to a fairly large terrace where residents can sit out and enjoy the surrounding views of the neighbourhood without sacrificing on privacy.

The interior aesthetic is predominantly ‘white and wood’, with white walls and surfaces accentuated by prominent use of timber on the ceiling, frame and furnishings. The exterior facade is bold and simple in its form and style wearing a finish that combines clean concrete and a white render.

Its an exemplary model for contemporary urban residences that I strongly believe has immense potential catering to a small family on the smallest of footprints and offering a unique living experience.

[via designboom]

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