Cooling Off in Colombia: Vacation Home by De La Carrera Cavanzo

Somewhere in the Tequendama region, a few hours drive from Bogota, sits a cute, 4bedroom, family vacation home designed by DE LA CARRERA CAVANZO.

The home consists of Two rectangular volumes placed on a sloping site having a “Frank Llyod Wright-esque” aesthetic. The planning is simple, with the lower volume or floor, if you prefer, housing the main living area exquisitely enclosed by wood louvered screens which open up, garage door style, to a large terrace and pool area. This brings in a flood of natural light and air, removing the boundaries between outside and inside. The first floor, houses 3 of the 4 bedrooms of the house, with the master suite having a very prominent, west-facing balcony, recessed within the volume to provide shade.

The design holds a very tropical character with the ‘white and wood’ palette, framed by deep chocolate lines. The modernist geometry set against such a lush, natural backdrop is as appopriate as it gets, creating 200+ sqm of getaway glory.


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