Edgard Cesar

Casa Clara in Brazil by 1:1 Architecture:Design Features an Intriguing Geometric Screen Wall

Designed by 1:1 Architecture:Design, Casa Clara is a modernist box featuring screen walls made from Cobogo (what we know as perforated/decorative concrete block). The single room home features an open plan illuminated by frameless glass walls which are in turn screened off by cobogo.

The home sits on slightly sloping terrain supported delicately by steel columns that have a minimal impact on the site. The distinctive pattern of the cobogo lends a peculiar aesthetic to the home making it stand out easily. Here’s a translated description from the architects:

Casa Clara, is mainly a house of reduced size and strong personality. The volume of the house is delicately supported on the sloping ground, the view of the interior is free the functional and formal solution is Clara.

The family that lives inside is also reduced, a couple, a son and two cats. The demands were common; 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, integrated kitchen and more other small demands. The most important demand is a small and easy construction. This house privileges thermal comfort, natural lighting, cross ventilation, both clearly identified in the formal solution. The faces are now closed, now open and also mixed.

The cobogó is the outstanding material in the way, guaranteeing the privacy of the residents, the control of the insolation and high temperature of the Brazilian afternoon is also controlled by the cobogó, that allows to appreciate the wonderful sunset by the empty spaces

The terrain is cornered, thus having two vulnerable facades regarding privacy; A wall is loose, blocking the view of the curious to the interior of the house, and on the other facade the cobogó plays the role of Muxarabi, hiding the activities of the residents with curious eyes, activities so typical of a house, the solution of the house is honest , In synergy with the context and with the residents. The light house is also a lesson in interior design, austere and Brazilian. All solutions adopted are clear. The furniture is privileged with Sergio Rodrigues chairs, Zanine Caldas armchairs, Leo Romano bench, sofa and armchairs from the Studio Bola, the sideboard, bookcase and cabinets were in charge of the studio comma zero. The air of the 70’s, pure and diagonal lines, a scent of wood and exposed materials, are some of the sensations that visitors experience, in this house, in this Casa Clara.

  • Architects: 1:1 architecture: design
  • Location: Brazil
  • Authors: Eduardo Sáinz, Lilian Glayna
  • Surface area: 123.0 m2
  • Photos: Edgard Cesar

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