Rafael Gamo

Campanario House in Mexico by Pérez Palacios Architects features a wooden screen facade

The Campanario House located in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico is a 340 sqm, 3 bedroom modernist home with attached servants quarters.

Designed by Pérez Palacios Architects, the home comprises a single storey rectilinear volume characterised by floor-to-ceiling windows that fall within a defined grid. A significant overhang ensures the large openings on the ground floor are well shaded while privacy and sun shading on the first floor is provided by operable wooden screens. The prominent use of wood to compliment the concrete box creates a minimalist and modern composition that celebrates function over form.

Project Description

Casa Campanario is a family residence located in a housing development in the city of Querétaro. Having a rectangular site, restrictions by developers had an important impact on the project’s placement which required front and back free space.

These restrictions were taken as having a single green space where the house was to be located on top of, having a side-to-side condition. The structural project and the program on the plan were set to respect this condition, generating open space flow on the ground floor plan and major view openings on the first-floor plan where all the bedrooms are located. 

As privacy and light control is needed, a second wooden skin covers the entire facades, which contrasts with the bare concrete structure.

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