Parham Taghioff

Anna & Saeed Villa in Iran by LPoffice

In Zaitoon town, 10 km from the historical city of Isfahan in Iran, is an intriguing villa sited on about a quarter of an acre (1000 sqm). Designed by Iranian based LPoffice, the 4+ bedroom villa is a modern interpretation of traditional Iranian architecture.

The house is laid out around a central courtyard,  featuring an entangled network of open spaces, terraces as well as a sunken garden. The outdoor spaces seamless flow into the indoor volumes while preserving privacy and function with closed, open and semi-open spaces.

The L-shaped villa is about 420 sqm spread across 3 levels, with each level being more or less a self contained home in itself, but visually connected to the next either via vertical access or large windows and curtain walling. The basement level a living and dining area, kitchen and single ensuite bedroom planned around a dipping pool. A straight flight up the ground floor level, the layout is virtually a replica of the basement level but without a bedroom and now with a large open air terrace. Still on the exterior via yet another straight flight of stairs, you land on a terrace which grants alternative access to the first floor. It features 3 bedrooms which share a large bathroom, a pantry that could double as a kitchenette as well as a compact living room area.

One unique feature of this villa is its openness and connectivity. The fact that right from the basement level, you can literally walk right up to the first floor without ever having to enter building, all the while having the option to stop along one of the 3 levels of activity that you will encounter. Its not typical and offers an unusual yet interesting approach to access and spatial interrelationship in residential design.

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