Hiroshi Ueda

A Garden Courtyard House in Japan by UID Architects

Located in the center of Fukuyama City, Japan, this Courtyard House is a uniquely designed urban home that features an inner tree garden in the center of the house as opposed to the outside.

Designed by UID Architects, the courtyard house or Shrimp as it is titled, was the result of smart masterful planning in the face of space and situational site constraints. The diminutive 156 sqm site sits tightly sandwiched by neighbouring buildings on three sides, while the street sits less than a sidewalk away on the fourth. To this end the architects has to create landscaping internally and centrally, so that every room in the house could enjoy a view of trees rather than buildings and have the homeowners enjoy their building. A central tree grows up and through the core of the house with the functional spaces planned around this core offering both landscaped views as well as prime ventilation and daylighting.

Screen street-facing facades and bold reinforced concrete walls aid in preserving the privacy of the homeowners without sacrificing function or amenity which is not particularly easy to do on a plot of this size closely bound by neighbours in the heart of a busy city.  On the outside it appears as a concrete box that seemingly imprisons its residents, but on the inside its a bright and airy park of sorts with lush vegetation that welcomes you right from the entrance and all the way through the house. A triumph of design by UID Architects.

[via trendir]

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