4 Ideas to Save Space Inside Your Home

Homes have become increasingly expensive. As a result, many buyers are choosing to buy properties with smaller room sizes purely to allow them to live in a good school district or a low-crime area.

Because of this, it’s necessary to look at ways to save space within each room of the residence and any outdoor areas. Here are four ideas that directly and indirectly save space to ensure the home still feels reasonably spacious.

Make Best Use of Floor Space

Bedrooms, especially ones for the kids, can often be small. For smaller bedrooms intended for a single bed, the bed itself presents a problem. Its footprint alone can dwarf the available floor space making it instantly feel compact.

If this is your problem, then have a look at this bed from HappyBeds.co.uk. The team at Happy Beds has come up with a wooden mid-sleeper that combines a climb-up bunk bed, with storage pull-out drawers below, and a desk where your child can get homework completed too.

The best thing is that this bed requires no more space than the typical single bed and leaves plenty of floor space, so your child won’t feel hemmed in.

Go Digital, Not Physical

While bookshelves stocked with the latest titles or first edition classics might seem appealing, they often consume a wall or alcove and leave little storage space for anything else nearby.

Instead, make it a point to switch to digital e-books and an e-reader if you haven’t done so already. Books in e-book form are typically cheaper than their physical counterparts. Also, there’s no need to wait for the book to arrive in the post either.

Furthermore, look at digitising any boxes of files scattered about in the garage or office that are cluttering up the place. Photograph each non-essential document front and back in a high resolution, then name each image file, organise them into categories, and verify that the photo is not blurred out. Then shred and dispose of the documents that are safe to do so.

Removable Solutions, Not Fixed Ones

Wherever possible, use removable solutions including furniture rather than fixed ones that permanently take up floor space. The latter with smaller homes and limited outdoor space results in people needing to always squeeze past and inevitably, things being knocked over and broken.

For instance, garden tables and chairs that fold out allow you to welcome 6+ guests for an outdoor BBQ. The furniture can then be removed and placed in the garage when the party is over. This still leaves you with a place to relax outdoors and a clear area around you. Look for other similar layout solutions to create added flexibility.

Use Multiple Levels

Don’t be afraid to use multiple levels in the home. Storage can be utilised at multiple levels up the wall, rather than only using a low-level storage solution. Take advantage of any options that work at different levels from the ground to shoulder level. Avoid stacking anything too high where it could fall.

Along with the ideas suggested above, also consider favouring multi-use furniture over single use. These items can have several uses while taking up the same floor space.

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