Things to Consider when Selecting Restaurant Furniture

There are so many things that need to be done when opening a restaurant. You need to come up with a good menu to get customers. The variety of food you offer, its quality, its quantity, and the prices all play a role in gaining attention.

New restaurants need to go out of their way to promote themselves and build trust between their customers and them. When one goes to a restaurant, they trust the people there with their food and comfort. Reputation is everything for a restaurant. You need to select an area which is suitable for your outlet and will attract customers. The area you choose should be near a landmark that has many people coming in your direction. By this, we are talking about places like; malls, museums, and schools.


Restaurants are supposed to be attractive to customers through their food, prices, and ambiance. When it comes to ambiance, there are a lot of things to note. The design of the area, its color scheme, how you can place your furniture, the music you are playing, the lighting and so much more. One thing people do not focus on when designing a restaurant is that your furniture is a very crucial factor that determines your ambiance. Restaurant tables are the second most important thing after your menu. This is because your customers sit there for their meals. These tables are supposed to be comfortable and should meet some basic requirements that will be discussed below. 

The Icha Chateau by Spacemen in Shanghai offers a luxurious ambiance. See the full project here.

Utilizing Space 

First of all, you need to arrange your tables in a way that space is utilized properly and there is a comfortable distance between each set of tables. Then, there is the shape and size of the table that needs to be determined. 

The industry standard set for a sufficient table room is about three-hundred inches per diner. Mostly, for example, the standard café and fast food dining have an average dimension of just under 1sqm (0.8 sqm or 1260 sq in). If you divide this value by the previous 0.2 sqm (300 square inches), then you will have good table space for about 4 people. 

Inside the Intriguing Restaurant Space located in the Sir Victor Hotel in Barcelona. View the rest of the project here.

Moreover, when it comes to restaurant tables, you need to determine which shape would go better with your space and the theme of the restaurant. The standard tables used are either rectangular, square, or round. 

When it comes to comfort, you need to check the height of the tables you are getting as well. Are they at the right height for customers to enjoy their meals? Furthermore, there are some menus that change the requirements of the tables you need. If the cuisine you are servicing requires more utensils and plates, then obviously you will be in need of bigger tables. If your restaurant is a family-themed diner, then you will need room for more plates and more chairs for the customers. 

How Colors And Sizes Play Their Roles

The size of the table is an important factor that will determine whether your customers will have a comfortable and pleasant experience or not. The customers you get in restaurants can easily become regulars if you provide them with a good experience. 

A restrained colour palette within the restaurant of the salt of Palmar Hotel in Mauritius designed by Camille Walala. See the full project here.

Coming to the overall ambiance, the colors of your table are also an important factor. They should not too bright or filled with too much design as that is a distraction.


Moving on, the material of your table is also important. It is better to go for wooden tables as they are easy to move, their edges are not sharp and they are durable. It is also easier to get them repaired. For a more cost-effective experience, you should go for solid wood. It also makes your restaurant look more high-end. 

Other options include veneer, which is made with thin layers of wood, giving your restaurant a classy and attractive look. If you want highly durable tables, that will last a long time, then you should go for laminated tables as they are scratch-resistant. 

The Functionality of Your Furniture 

Moving on to the functionality of your table’s design, there are some things to keep in mind. Rectangular tables are best for larger groups of people, while square tables are suitable for a classic look, which gives you a need arrangement even in a small room. Then, there are round tables that are suitable for conversations and have additional features like hinged edged drop leaf that can help in making bigger tables when needed. A drop-leaf table is one that has articulated brackets attached to it. This way, you can connect and expand your tables for bigger parties. 

Chooji Restaurant in Iran features a bold use of material and very functional furniture design. See the full project here.

Overcrowding And How to Avoid It

There are also many design layouts available with experts who can give you advice through consultations. What you need is to have a lot of seating space while keeping the restaurant from getting overcrowded. Many people are uncomfortable with overcrowded areas and one would not want to eat somewhere they are uncomfortable. The lack of space in restaurants is a common complaint by customers. To avoid this, you need to come up with the best arrangement even in a small space. This can be done through consulting with experts and by doing your own research as well. 

The 71 above restaurant features an interesting furniture layout that creates intimate seating areas while avoiding overcrowding. See the full project here.

Traffic flow also needs to be kept in mind as during rush hours like lunch and dinner, providing a stable service would become difficult if the area you are servicing in is too congested. 


Some tips that can help you are listed below:

  • Diagonal seating helps in saving floor space
  • If you have less space, then the booths require eight sq. feet. Per person 
  • 12 sq. feet per person for restaurant-style seating
  • Tables need to be cleared and cleaned after each customer, so the surface of the table should be well polished and durable. This will slow down the process of the table’s look from being ruined. 

Through proper research and collection of data, you can get the best tables for your restaurant in the most cost-effective way. From arrangement to the table material, there is so much that needs to be done right for a good experience for both the customers and for you. 

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