Make Your Living Room Chic with These 6 Decorating Ideas

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Your living room is where you spend most of your time relaxing. You invite guests into it as well. So, it needs to look great at all times, while being functional and comfy. How about redecorating your space into something chic this season? Because other styles may come and go, but the elegance and sophistication that chic style brings are timeless. When it comes to chic style, remember that less is more. Thus, a good way to start is by uncluttering your living room space and keeping only some exquisite collectibles.

A simplified space will enable the remaining elements to really shine, and it will keep you on budget.

If you are moving into a new home, resist the urge to hang all the wall paintings, or display all your décor items. Choose only those that will add value and improve the aesthetic. For new homeowners, it is good to know how much to tip a moving company for moving your belongings safely. If you are done with that, let’s look into some decorating ideas to make your living room chic.

1. Pick furniture that fits and make it to float

A furniture piece shouldn’t brush up against the boundaries of your living room- up and down or sideways. If it does, it’s oversized. Also, pass up heavy, weighty pieces. They will eat up too much space. Go for a sleek sofa or chair rather than overstuffed furniture.

Contemporary Furniture within the Living Room of the RL Residence by SDeG

Interior designers also recommend moving your sofa a few inches away from the wall. It can make your space appear bigger. Do move your rug accordingly. If your living room is white, add vibrant furniture to make a bold statement.

2. Update light fixtures

How can you change the feel of your living room without going for a major renovation? Simple. Update your light fixtures. Try adding different lampshades. Use floor lamps or table lamps to disperse light in the room and light up the dim corners.

The Sisi Eko Lamp by Studio Lani always stands out within any space.

As far as the ceiling light goes, a large chandelier can add illumination and drama while making your space appear bigger than it usually is. Also, try rearranging your light sources to draw attention to high-use areas, or recess less-use areas of your living room.

3. Add life to your space with plants

Whether it is a small plant that accents a coffee table or open shelving, or a large plant that fills the empty floor space, it will instantly add life and a new sense of freshness to your decor.But if you feel adding a plant will demand high maintenance, go for cut flowers. Even succulents and cactuses are great additions, and they demand less maintenance.

These 3d printed planters by Minimum Design are an engaging way to add plants to your space.

Instead of going for the usual vases, display the cut flowers in pitchers or any container that looks upscale.Picking flowers in one color will give a polished look.

4. Give your room a custom look

Have you ever considered giving your living room a custom look? It is not only aesthetically pleasing but will add a personalized touch to your space.Consider vintage or antique textiles while making throw pillows or making covers for seat cushions or upholstered stools.

Though for the Oasia Hotel, this interior by Patricia Urquiola offers a few ideas on how you can create a custom look

Adding a textural throw over a sofa or your favorite rocking chair will also add the cozy factor and make your living room appear more inviting. Using an antique rug is another clever idea to instantly create visual intrigue.

5. Hang modern wall art

In a minimalist room, hanging an oversized wall art can add a big statement. It saves surface space while totally transforming the aesthetic. Consider using an abstract photograph that blends with the colors of your throw pillows.

While hanging wall arts over furniture, hang it, so the bottom edge is 6 to 8-inches from where the table or sofa back ends.

6. Keep window treatment fresh

Your living room curtains are like art and can make a home look finished. Avoid tassels or ruffles and mini blinds or blackout shades. They are out-of-date.

Go for light, easy-breezy curtains instead. White and neutral colors will give a polished look. Or even a big geometric style curtain will instantly turn your room chic and ultra-modern.

Wrapping Up

Turning a living room into a comfy, functional, and chic space doesn’t have to be expensive. If you know which items to invest in and which furniture and décor to stay away from, you will save plenty of money while getting the desired look.

This Living Room in the Zempoala 267 apartment building infuses a chic aesthetic against the rustic/industrial backdrop.

Remember, minimalism is the key to a chic living room. Strive to keep your room as neat as possible. To make it more personalized and inviting, just go for a custom look. Nothing has to be over-the-top. For new homeowners looking for a moving truck rental, you can pick up ample information before you hire a truck. Steal some ideas from this article and design the living room of your dreams.

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