Design Ideas to Increase Your Property Value

If you decide to invest in a property and make a profit out of it, you’ll want to increase its value as much as possible. The real estate market is still in a slump and if you’re really hell-bent on selling, you’ll want to squeeze out as much value out of it as humanly possible. Here are some design ideas that will help you increase your property value.

1. Finding your perfect property

Finding the perfect property in today’s market is extremely challenging and time-consuming. In fact, you may also need to conduct a great number of home improvements in order to increase its market value. You also may come across a property that you love, but can’t afford, or a thorough inspection may reveal that it’s not worth the investment. It’s essential that you consider hiring experienced professionals to help you out during this stressful phase.

This is especially true in you live in Australia, whose major cities have among the least affordable housing in the world. This is why you should work with experienced property buyers agent in Sydney who can offer you invaluable advice and guide you through this entire process.

2. Repaint

Well, this is rather obviously the first thing that comes to mind when talking about home remodel. Repainting isn’t exactly a hefty investment and it will do a whole lot in improving your home’s first impression, which is extremely important when we’re talking about open houses. Playing it safe with the color choices is definitely very important. Not only is a neutral paint, well, neutral, but it also promotes light reflection, making a room appear somewhat larger.  An accent wall is also a trendy idea – we recommend that you don’t go too wild here – paint a single wall in a different shade of the same color as the rest of your room(s).

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

Buying new furniture sets tends to be expensive and, quite frankly, not necessarily a smart investment when it comes to increasing property value. However, a bit of furniture rearrangement can go a long way in completely redesigning your home. Move the furniture items away from windows and walls and towards the center of the living room – you might think that this will create an illusion of a smaller space, but it will actually accentuate the coziness of your entire room and allow for more light to enter your living area. Finally, be careful about how you position your mirrors – these reflective surfaces can be of tremendous help when it comes to compensating for the lack of windows.

4. It’s the Little Things

People tend to get impressed by the tiniest of details, such as doorknobs, handles, shutter latches and similar niceties. These are fairly cheap to install and can boost the general feel of your home tremendously. Think about a brand-new rug, a couple of artsy details here and there and a piece of artwork or two.

5. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Not only is energy-efficiency trendy, but it is also, well, cheaper. Take into consideration things such as LED light bulbs, smart flush toilets, A/C system with a timer, etc. LED bulbs, for example, are somewhat more expensive than their regular counterparts, but they do tend to pay off in the long run, which is definitely something that the potential buyers will pay attention to.

6. Meet the Buyers Head-on, before They Even Get in

As we already mentioned, the first impression that a home leaves on the buyers is often the decisive one. With outdoor living spaces growing in demand, it might be a smart idea to make your deck more desirable, which is a great way to increase sale price – the cost of adding a deck to your home might set you back a bit, but it should bring the overall price up. On the other hand, making this a DIY project can boost your property value even more significantly – the buyers love it when the owner of a home ads their own personal touch; after all, nobody knows their home better than someone who’s been living in it for years.

Reworking your design is the fastest and the cheapest way to boost your home value. Investing time and money into expensive remodel projects such as adding central heating or converting the attic might lead to a more significant increase in price, but this can turn out quite risky – you may end up spending more money overall than actually earning once you sell. Redesigning your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces is a cheaper alternative for boosting your property value.

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