5 On-Trend Statement Pieces to Reenergize Outdated Living Spaces

With interior design trends on the move through the design world’s relentless revolving doors, it can be challenging to keep your living spaces on-trend. In the blink of an eye, geometric prints can go from fab to drab. Luckily, those individuals with a passion for home-design are just a home improvement project away from living spaces worthy of a spread in Good Housekeeping magazine.

If you’re currently in the process of renovating your living room or dining area, you’ll need to stay vigilant and plan for any potential problems or changes. Some of the challenges associated with home renovations include water damage, foundation cracks, unsafe materials, and lousy renovation work layers. Without proactive planning, seemingly straightforward, weekend-friendly home improvement projects can go awry and monopolize days or even weeks of your limited free time.

Before flipping through home design magazines and indulging in a dream-worthy furniture shopping spree, you’ll need to check-off some basic maintenance tasks to ensure your home is a blank, pest-free canvas for your upcoming home renovation project. When you’re ready to call in the pros to eliminate pests from your house for good, contact your neighbors and friends for recommendations. If that proves unsuccessful, run a simple Google search like “pest control in Riverside,” which will offer a list of local companies with community reviews.

Once you’ve cleared out dirt and debris and evicted wandering household pests, you’ll be ready to kickstart the decorating process. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these 2020-exclusive furniture trends.

Vintage Pieces

Vintage furniture is fast becoming a go-to choice for many homeowners. According to top home designers, this trend is expected to boom and go mainstream. The rising popularity of vintage décor and furniture among the millennials is paving the way for vintage-furniture enthusiasts everywhere.

A Two Seater Settee From the Enitan Vintage Furniture Collection by Gbenga Akinnagbe.

While homeowners prioritizing recycling and sustainable production technologies in their routines, opting for vintage furniture is an easy and viable option for those aspiring environmental advocates. Vintage pieces are kind to the planet because they don’t produce excess waste generated by well-known furniture retailers. Going vintage also allows you to get your hands on quality, unique pieces that will enable you to express your unique style.

Made-to-order pieces

While it is easier to flip through a furniture catalog to buy already-made furniture, opting for customizable, handmade pieces allows you to decorate your home with high-quality and aesthetically appealing furniture pieces. With homeowners going to great lengths to display their one-of-a-kind style, purchasing mass-produced, good-looking furniture is no longer appealing to many prospective buyers.

Custom Made-to-Order Furniture pieces by Design Sense in Lagos, Nigeria. Take a walk through their showroom here.

The best part is that you can easily find made-to-order furniture providers due to the rampant use of social media and the internet. Many boutique furniture businesses and up-and-coming artists have burst out of their shells and advertised their products and services on popular social media platforms.

For those unfamiliar, furniture customization involves simple alterations to the finish or size of a piece. With these designers just a phone call or direct message away, consumers can now purchase furniture tailored to their specific preferences.

Curved furniture

Introducing curved furniture to your home, whether a sofa, dining chairs, or armchairs, offers a guaranteed uniqueness and impact, softening the feel of your living spaces. These pieces can transform a room into the ideal location for holding intimate gatherings and engaging in lively conversation. That said, these curved furniture pieces are excellent additions to your home, especially if you regularly host and entertain guests.

Lilypad Lounge Chair by Terry Crews. View his entire furniture collection here.

This trend offers a great alternative to the structured rectangular furniture as the world moves towards asymmetrical, elegant, and curvy pieces. For the ultimate wow-factor, pair curved pieces with sharp-edged geometric designs for much-needed balance. Contrasting these pieces helps to create exciting living spaces.

Metal furniture

Since there are so many ways to form and design metal frames to create furniture, there’s no shortage of metal furniture on the market today. Today, incorporating unique metal pieces into your living spaces is the perfect way to achieve a contemporary and fresh feel.

Ironorun is a modern steel and glass dining table and is the latest design piece from Ile Ila by Tosin Oshinowo. To complement the table, Tosin has collaborated with the celebrated artist, Olu Amoda, integrating his Akaba Parasa stools as seating. Learn more about these pieces here.

For those avid DIYers, you can update any form of furniture, from a sofa to a stool, with a metal frame to give it a weightless aesthetic. Note that you can use metal frames for both classic and modern furniture.

When renovating your home, play with different colors to achieve the desired final look. For example, you can choose to purchase a metal-framed, dual-tone chair or a matte black chair to contrast with your opulent and marbled upholstery. If you identify as a home designer in-the-making, remember that sled legs result in a sleek, contemporary app. By contrast, round metal bases offer a quirky alternative, ideal for tables and stools.

Multi-functional furniture

Although manufacturers make multi-functional furniture pieces with small spaces in mind, they’re also an excellent addition to any spacious home. They offer a blend of function and style, allowing you to efficiently utilize every square of space wisely while keeping your house looking stylish and elegant.

The Conch Chair by Wei He Integrates Storage with Ergonomic Design. Find out more about this product here.

When shopping for multi-functional furniture, consider those pieces with hidden storage, charging ports, or versatile pieces that can be repurposed or moved as needed.

Wrap up

Achieving your desired outcomes after completing a home renovation project is one of the most satisfying feelings, as it makes the hard work you put in worthwhile. Investing in eye-catching and trendy furniture contributes significantly to a renovation project’s success and can help you transform outdated living spaces into appealing, functional, and stylish areas.

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