Xanxan String Shelf By Smallgran Studio

Xanxan string shelf is a simple shelf featuring customizable configurations and minimum transport and storage space. Due to its clean and simple design and its ease of assembly, the product can be installed anywhere.

Designed by Valencia-based Small Gran, the xanxan string shelf was first conceived in 2015 under the challenge of reducing the material cost and ecological impact on an existing concept through design. The shelf can hold everything a standard shelf holds and it can act as a hanger, too. But more importantly, compared to a standard shelf, the Xanxan string shelf uses seven times less wood, requires a storage space nine times lower and weights four times less.

The innovative shelf is made of hard maple wood and skydiving rope, and all the parts that compose the shelf fit in a small package of 9 x 7 x 24.5 cm. At the moment, loose units are produced by hand. The wooden pieces are formed by lathing the wood and later drilling the holes: for the screws at the base and for the strings at the pole. The string, being a standard paracord, can be purchased at wholesale sellers and only needs to be cut at the specific length.

Anchored to the wall with screws, the product allows configurations in different sizes, which can be up to 1.5 meters long and support up to 20 kg -44 lbs- of weight. It is only necessary to adjust the tension of the string by turning the wooden pegs until it becomes taut. By rotating the pegs, the string winds on itself increasing the tension until the necessary stiffness is achieved.

The Xanxan string shelf has been recently awarded the renowned A’ Design Award in the category“Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design“ at the 2016-2017 edition.

NOTE: Though the XanXan string shelf is currently handmade, it has also been designed with industrial manufacturing in mind, and the studio is looking for companies interested in its production and distribution. In both cases, the manufacturing involves the same general processes.

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