Two Sided: Yabane Drawer Chest by A+A Cooren

A nice piece of intuitive and practical design from A+A COOREN. This is YABANE (which means arrow in Japanese).

Inspired by a traditional Japanese graphic pattern, Yabane is a chest of drawers that opens in two directions making it a versatile piece that could be used in the middle of a room as a space divider or at a corner or side. Its made from wood ash, with gentle curves and an engaging ‘layered’ aesthetic.

AplusACooren_Yabane AplusACooren_Yabane_detail1 AplusACooren_Yabane_detail2 AplusACooren_Yabane_detail4 AplusACooren_Yabane_doubleopen AplusACooren_Yabane_open AplusACooren_Yabane_scale (1) AplusACooren_Yabane_scale

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