This Modular Shelving System is Made of 4,276 repurposed chopsticks

SMĪLE is a sustainable, carbon-neutral, minimalist shelving design crafted from recycled chopsticks and recycled construction steel that is both functional, beautiful and 100% eco-friendly.

Developed by ChopValue, a viable, carbon-negative manufacturing business, which uses discarded
chopsticks as its raw material, the SMĪLE shelf is equally carbon negative and modular, allowing it to be combined in as many forms and configurations as is possible.

The shelves were designed by ChopValue’s in-house architect, Tobias Brox who drew inspiration from the modular string shelf system from 1949 developed by Nisse and Kajsa Strinning which remains one of the most popular Scandinavian furniture design pieces to date. He also based his concept partly on the “Sybille” modular assembly system launched in 1961 by Schkeuditz in Eastern Germany (GDR) which was designed to be multi-functional, minimalist, and fit into any living arrangement. Tobias adapted these historic designs in the most efficient way possible. Capturing the essence of their minimalist modularity, while ensuring the most eco-friendly design and manufacturing process in line with ChopValue’s carbon negative mission.

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