The Washington Collection by David Adjaye

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he Washington collection is the result of a three year collaborative effort between Leading Architect and designer, David Adjaye and international design and manufacturing firm, Knoll.  Recognized as an archtect with an artists sculpturality, David Adjaye worked with Knoll’s technical team to create an organic furniture collection that explores “monumentality, materiality and history”. The collection includes two cantilevered chairs in varied colours, the Washington skin and the Washington Skeleton. Having the same form with the Skin (made from injection molded glass-reinforced nylon), the Washington skeleton (made with aluminium) wears a different look with its lattice frame structure.

According to Adjaye, “the primary idea behind the design was to mimic the form of a seated person in elevation, so that the chair almost dissappears when they are in use. The ribbing pattern is then a drawing of the forces required to brace this shape- like an exo-skeleton. The skeleton and skin chairs are a positive and negative version of the same shape”.

Also in the collection is the Washington Corona coffee table. The table has a dual look with the inside polished, and the exerior left in the natural, sandcast state of the bronze. The table is covered with a thick glass that offers one the ability to appreciate the contrast of the mirror-polished interior and the natural exterior.


 Images are courtesy of Adjaye, Dezeen, and Knoll
The entire collection can summarily be described as organic, artistic and functional. You can shop the pieces here.
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