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The Introvert’s chair by Nifemi Marcus Bello blends contemporary design with traditional craft


[via nm bello studio]

Designed by an introvert for other introverts, the design is focused on tackling the problem of creating privacy in public places such as co-working spaces, restaurants, libraries etc.

The design toys with the idea that an object can manipulate space as there is a polar opposite experience inside and outside the chair. The throne like height of the chair speaks to arrogance, pride, narcissism whereas the experience seating in the chair is one of isolation and the absence of vulnerability. Your first impression of the chair is most likely that it belongs to an extrovert with a heightened sense of self, most likely a narcissist, but once you sit in it, there is comfort in the cover and the isolation of the high walls. This design mirrors the reality an introverted person whose distant personality is often mistaken for arrogance.

Designed and manufactured in Lagos, Nigeria, the chair was ideated around constraints to design a product that uses traditional techniques to solve a modern day problem. The form and aesthetic showcase a more contemporary design whereas the weaving technique is a lot more traditional.

Taking into account users who may suffer from Anxiety and Claustrophobia, various weaving techniques were explored to allow light pass through the chair. This will allow users feel less enclosed while sat in the chair.

The Introvert’s Chair will be showing at the Venice Design 2018 Show at Palazzo Michiel during the  16th Venice Architectural Biennale which takes place from 26th of May 2018 till the 5th of November 2018.



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