Tensile Furniture by Yoav Reyches Studio

Yoav Reches is London-based designer and founder of Yoav Reches studio a design practice which explores the practical and conceptual applications of product design. 

One of his projects that caught our attention is his exploration into ‘Tensile Furniture’. As he describes it, Tensile furniture features, Stools and benches that consist of sheet elements held together by rope tension. The rope is guided through a pattern of grooves which cross over the different faces, embracing the elements into a rigid structure. The Rope furniture was developed as an alternative method to assemble flat pack, knockdown furniture, offering a simple, ‘tool-less’ assembly process.

Rope Bench prototype from yoav reches on Vimeo.

The materials used in developing the product include Birch plywood, Iroko, Recycled plastic, Polyester rope, Natural rope, stainless steel, and PVC.

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