TAPPING TOMORROW: 3D printed Faucets from DXV by American Standard

From the stables of DXV, the flagship luxury collection of American Standard, comes, what may be, one of the most amazing things we’ve seen on livin spaces. This singular concept heralds a new era in how kitchen and bath fixtures are and would be designed going forward. We’re talking about beautifully designed, 3D printed luxury faucets.

3d-printed-metal-faucets-dvx-by-american-standard-1-thumb-630xauto-53358 3d-printed-metal-faucets-dvx-by-american-standard-3-thumb-630xauto-53362 3d-printed-metal-faucets-dvx-by-american-standard-2-thumb-autox740-53360

Using selective laser sintering, each faucet takes about 24 hours to be printed out of solid metal and is then hand-finished to create a more polished look.

The first of the three faucets features 19 waterways juxtaposed atop one another. The design focuses on an experience that mimicks that of water trickling through a riverbed. Using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technology to adjust each of the waterways, the design team was able to achieve the desired effect.

Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_one_water-3-600x600 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_one_water-1-600x466 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_one_water-2-600x759 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_one_water-4-600x853

The other two faucet designs focus on reinventing the way that water runs through the system to meet the end user. The interwoven design, makes use of a high-strength alloy, which is able to conceal the waterways within its elegant curves to ultimately converge at the top, shortly before reaching the faucet spout.

Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_three_water-2-600x400 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_three_water-1-600x395 americanstandard-dxv-3D-designboom-07-818x920 americanstandard-dxv-3D-designboom-08-818x818 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_two_water-1-600x450 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_two_water-2-600x711 americanstandard-dxv-3D-designboom-09-818x766

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