Repose Sofa By OKHA – A Bespoke, Modern Chaise Lounge With An Organic Form

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Repose Sofa
Adam Court
Niel Vosloo

Seated in the living room, the Repose sofa is very much the work of art that Adam Court, creative director of OKHA, intended it to be. The chaise lounge stands as a great anchor while evoking an emotional and visceral response.

The Repose sofa takes after the organic shape of the Coastal Villa living room to produce a piece of bespoke furniture that is fluid and adaptable in its design. So interesting that we have to take a look at the designer’s journey while creating the sofa.

A view of the repose sofa in the South Villa Penthouse. Interior decor by ARRCC.
A view of the repose sofa in the South Villa Penthouse. Interior decor by ARRCC.

Creating the Repose sofa

Repose came to be from the earlier mentioned Coastal Villa project, for which OKHA created bespoke furniture. The project, named, South Villa Penthouse, is a luxury Penthouse in the Award Winning Clifton terraces. The space had open plan system with complicated proportions that prohibited natural circulation.

For Adam Court, who wanted a “highly suclupted” and anchor piece, this meant that regular furniture would not do. So, he opted for a bespoke design that adapted to the fluidity of the space.

According to OKHA, Adam describes how he was “drawing something freehand, loose and fluid and not thinking about the end result and where it was heading, the shape created itself, then I coerced into something you rest and recline on. That way of drawing is intuitive and without any predestination, when an interesting form appears you seize it and work with it

Another view of the Repose sofa in the South Villa Pent house

Repose sofa created a new aesthetic while interacting with the space and using restrictive parameters. Making it into a three-dimensional form was a complex process since it started with a non-linear organic form. Therefore, OKHA started by creating the wooden frame as a sculpture, and resolved the engineering as it progressed.

It’s safe to say that the Repose sofa is a work of art that unraveled as it progressed. The time spent resolving the engineering, cutting, and modeling of the sofa at the factory made it a gratifying process. Adam Court recalls the process of creating Repose sofa – drawing and applying his passion for sculpting to creating the sofa. Coming from a fine-art background, no design training, and no CAD training, the resulting furniture design is satisfying to say the list.

Repose sofa by OKHA - top
Repose sofa by OKHA
Repose sofa by OKHA - front

How the chaise lounge interacts with the space

As an anchor, the aesthetics of Repose sofa catches the attention of anyone in the room with a seductive, feminine display of contours. But what adds to the success of this chaise lounge is its ability to evoke an emotional response with the space and the viewer. Creating a surreal, sensual and serene feel in the room. It’s a design that functions on multiple levels.

I believe that all good design must function on multiple levels and responding emotively, in a human-to-human way, which is one of the design principles I try and build into my work.

Adam Court – Creative Director, OKHA

Repose sofa scores high in functionality and ergonomics. It comes in five sizes with an option for an attached or detached ottoman. It’s distinct shape creates an iconic presence that interacts with its context.

Another view of the repose sofa in the South Villa Pent house

It’s represented exclusively in the USA by STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN. According to them, “Repose is a truly unique and beautiful sofa. OKHA has designed it to be viewed from every elevation to enhance the distinct shape which makes it instantly iconic and perfectly complements our design philosophy. This is why we wanted to exclusively represent it.”

Repose sofa by OKHA

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