The Pony Desk Chair by TSAI Design Studio

Design is a very dynamic thing, but sometimes, tradition and trend tend to place it in a box, forcing certain objects and items to take a certain shape if they are to serve a certain function. Nowadays, however, many designers and creatives are turning this premise on its head.

One of such designers, is Tsai Design Studio, the folks behind the colourful Container Classroom we featured last month. They also created this very simple and cute piece of children’s furniture inspired by a pony, hence the name PONY DESK CHAIR. The piece combines the function of a desk and a chair as well as storage in a unique manner as opposed to the typical ‘Desk-in-front-seat-behind’ approach. The design evokes the sense of the child riding a pony while learning as opposed to sitting in a chair in front of a desk, thus, making the design more fun and interactive.

the idea behind the design
Riding the pony, using the desk
Sitting to read, with your books within reach.
The final product being tested.
sitting pretty
Keeping tidy.
An array of colourful pony desk chairs now in the container classroom.
Riding the ponies.

Tsai Design Studio

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