Misewell’s lockwood chair- Modern and Timeless

If furniture were words, this would be ‘structured’ and ‘modern’. Misewell’s lockwood chair carefully plays with steel and wood in such a refined, matured and deliberate manner that the result is an effortless-looking well engineered timeless piece. Here is a short description from their website,

“A classic combination of materials and manufacturing processes. Lockwood’s shaped solid wood seat and formed steel seat-back ensure comfort and good posture”.

It comes available in solid walnut with either black or gray powder coated steel.

LockwoodFront_Side misewell Lockwood chair _5809 Misewell lockwood chair _6054 LockwoodGroup2 misewell Lockwood chair DSC_9097 Misewell lockwood chair and CaptainHooks 7 lockwood chair misewell DSC_8403 lockwood chair misewell _5801Via [Misewell]

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