GROW! (The World’s Most Flexible Furniture System) by Marine Peyre for Movisi


German design brand Movisi has launched GROW!, its most flexible and lightest furniture system made from 95% air, manufactured in Germany and designed in Paris by Marine Peyre. GROW! launched internationally on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, where the product can be pre-ordered for a special limited early bird price.

GROW! is a system that builds up on one single element allowing users endless configurations (over 10,000) and the possibility to easily alter an interior according to changing needs. It is 100% sustainable, each piece lighter than a loaf of bread and requires no assembly tools. GROW! has been designed as a lightweight modular system of only three components – the main piece, connectors and the lid (with an optional stability rib for seating) and offers specifiers and design lovers a single product which is adaptable to any interior environment.

“Ever bought furniture for your home, then after a couple of years your lifestyle changes and it doesn’t suit your needs? We believe furniture should adapt and grow with you. GROW! has a strong emphasis on playfulness and simplicity which is in the Movisi DNA – our ambition is to encourage more creative and flexible interiors with products that are 100% recyclable and free from toxins, glue or emissions.”
– Natascha Stojanovic, CEO, Movisi.
GROW! embraces the lightweight, multifunctional, organic design language that Movisi pioneered, utilising only one single material to make the product: ARPRO EPP, a 100% recyclable plastic foam, which is toxic free, emission free and extremely light in weight (300g, made from 95% air and 5% PP per module).
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