The Vessel Series Free Standing Bath and Wash Basin by Splinter Works

Back in 2014, we featured the Vessel Hammock Bathtub from Splinter works. A curvaceous carbon fibre tub designed to be used in a wet room and remain completely suspended.

Needless to say it was very popular on the site and proved to be a big success for splinter works. It was even featured in this shipping container home. As a result, splinter works have developed a new freestanding version that works without walls as well as a wash hand basin that carries the very same aesthetic, all of which make up the Vessel Series.

Here’s their description,


After the success of the suspended hammock bathtub, we developed a stand-alone piece that doesn’t need walls, yet still offers the playful form and optimum shape for a relaxing bathing experience.

vessel-freestand_01splinterworks vessel-freestand_03splinterworks vessel-freestand_05splinterworks vessel-freestand_06splinterworks vessel-freestand_04splinterworks vessel-freestand_07splinterworks vessel-freestand_02splinterworks



The wash basin is an exact miniaturisation of the unique hammock shape and, when placed in the same scheme, engenders a synergy between the two pieces in the room. It would also make a beautiful statement as a highlight piece in it’s own right; set side-by-side as a double vanity, or as a striking sculptural focal-point by itself.

vessel-basin-1 vessel-basin-2 vessel-basin-3 vessel-basin-4 vessel-basin-5 vessel-basin-6 vessel-basin-7

Splinter Works have pioneered the use of carbon fibre in a world of white bathrooms. The Vessel series offers a dark sophistication, their strong graphic lines and sculptural form have an autonomous style that can fit in the most modern of settings, or traditional ones. Whatever the setting, the Carbon series adapts to their environment, creating a playful poetic contrast for rooms full of personality.

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