Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo: The Energy Behind Design and Crafstmanship

Fortuna Dining Table

The Energy Behind Design and Crafstmanship

More than a piece of art carefully designed to be a Zen temple, Fortuna Dining Table evokes passion for the sophisticated design. Like nature, the beautiful Fortuna Dining Table has life itself through the unperfect exquisite lines of the table top which unravel the values of Feng shui, “wind and water”, an ancient Chinese belief in the way the house is built or the way the objects are arranged within affects health, happiness, and success.

The dining table was carefully drawn from the top to the bottom to portrait the feeling of desire and intense emotions of belonging. The detail of the lines spiked on the surface of the table, by craftsmen specialized in traditional techniques, create a path of inspiration and reflection with the art of Joinery, Foundry, and Jewellery. Involved in polished brass the curves around the edge of the tabletop highlight how beautiful the imperfect can be and the table legs recreate the metaphor of two tree trunks that sustain the demanding of exclusive design.

Boca do Lobo enhance energy, the origin of all things, and nothing better than the inspiring Fortuna. When the subject is exclusive design everything aligns with one perfect statement: An Unique Experience. The Fortuna Dining Table is a shimmering statement piece that unites Boca do Lobo’s one of a kind design aesthetic for natural resources and craftsmanship.

The Fortuna Dining Table is a shimmering statement piece that unites Boca do Lobo’s one of a kind design aesthetic and passion for Gold. Representing the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics, and enticement, the Fortuna features a one of a kind design, with a unique table surface texture and incredible finish.


The Techniques of Boca DO LOBO


‘When crafting a piece like this, the end result is always different, each piece is unique. It is hand-crafted work, a work of love’

The art of filigree was born during Roman period and it was passed down through the generations of skilled medieval jewelers, often emulating the work of the Byzantine goldsmiths of Constantinople, embellished crosses, reliquaries and the covers of bibles. Later, the filigree became very popular in the French fashion world from the 60’s until today. And actually, countries such as India, Italy, and of course, Portugal, have been treasuring it. Deeply embedded in Portugal’s history and culture, there are countless brilliant examples of this remarkable technique.


‘Fine furniture calls for beautiful forms and one-of-kind silhouettes. One of the oldest arts of humankind reborn from the perfect marriage of ancient skills with mechanical methods.’

Joinery is one of the most elementary concepts in woodworking that connects different pieces of wood. A basic yet precious foundation that built the pieces’ skeleton, therefore we have always put this efficient technique in the spotlight of our designs. Even the look of a joint, how strong it is, how long it will last thru time, and other characteristics are determined by the joining materials and which kind of technique is used in the process. A knowledge that valuable woodworkers have been putting into Boca do Lobo’s designs to make sure to enlighten one-of-kind silhouettes.


The renowned hand painted tiles reflect a Portuguese tradition with hundreds of years. There is no surprise that Boca do Lobo honors this treasurable fine art in the Heritage iconic series.

Portugal, the country of whimsical beaches, Porto wine, seafood, and also azulejos. Even people who aren’t familiar with the term, they visually recall the ceramic tiles painted in blue artistic patterns, repeated in many historical buildings or as rich accent elements such as house numbers. Profoundly linked to architectural use, it is usually applied as wall covering decoration, layering large surface areas on both the inside and outside of buildings. And we are proud of them.


To form, to cut, and to joining processes can be a praiseworthy playground. An artful creative assortment of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry.

Nowadays the metalworking can be truly artful to conceive a wide range of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry. It requires discipline, vision and strength. Since early, Boca do Lobo has no restrain to use different processes and tools to shape new designs, by giving to our pieces rough yet powerful expression. To form, to cut, and to joining processes have been a praiseworthy playground.


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