‘Essence’ AND ‘Concetto’ Professional-Style Faucets by Grohe

Who says working in the kitchen can’t be fun? As so often in life, the trick is to combine business with pleasure. In the kitchen, this starts with using professional tools wherever possible.

Essence and Concetto from GROHE (www.GROHE.com) are two new professional-style faucets, which combine an attractive design with ease of use for a unique level of comfort and convenience, thereby taking the stress out of many chores and making kitchen work more efficient and fun.

Well thought-through professional features

An indispensable feature for kitchen professionals and amateur chefs is a professional spray offering easy switching between spray action and the normal flow of water. The new GrohFlexx technology from Grohe makes the spray particularly mobile for a wide variety of different uses. A silicon hose with an integrated metal spring allows users to twist and turn the spray through 360 degrees without any problem. From washing vegetables to rinsing plates to filling tall vases – the combination of an optimised operating radius with maximum manoeuvrability means that every chore is completed in no time at all.

Once the job is done, the professional spray easily re-attaches to the completely turnable spray arm. The new GROHE EasyDock M technology uses a powerful magnet in the holder to guide the spray back to its ideal docking position. This is another example of GROHE R&D engineers developing new solutions entirely with the user’s practical needs and requirements in mind – simplicity of use and comfortable handling is what it is all about.

Pared back elegance

With excellent engineering guaranteed, the next step happens at the GROHE in-house design studio where the faucet actually takes shape. Rigorously pared down to their essential lines, Essence and Concetto Professional are distinguished by their particularly slim and streamlined body built around an advanced 28 millimetre cartridge.
Concealing this high-performance component in such an elegant and sensual cylinder casing is a design feat in itself.

Another feature, which is equally functional and decorative, is the silicon hose that is particularly easy to keep clean. While Concetto faucets all come with a hose in Matte Black, the Essence faucet can also be equipped with versions in Matte Sheer Marble, Matte Dark Grey and Matte Dark Brown in addition to the standard fitted Matte Black one. Replacing the hose is child’s play, making it easy to switch from one colour to another, allowing users to match the faucet to the other surfaces and finishes in the sink area for a visually coordinated kitchen ambiance.

GROHE will offer a limited edition with a hose in seven attractive rainbow colours, namely yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, green and blue. Concetto and Essence Professional  have been engineered and designed to meet the exacting standards of today’s professional and amateur chefs constantly on the lookout for stylish design and modern functionality.

  1. These faucets are available in so many colors and designs. This will definitely help us to select the right faucet based on the interior colour of our bathrooms. Thank you for providing us wit so many choices. I had a very good time reading this article.

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