COMFORTABLY COLOURFUL: ‘Cubit’ Sofa Sectionals by Mymito

Cubit (as it has been so affectionately named) is a cute and colourful set of configurable modular sofa sectionals designed by Mymito. It gives your free reign to combine bold solid colours with simply design seating in any manner that you deem fit, offering flexibility as grouped or stand alone pieces that would fit anywhere in your space. This innovative approach stays true to forward thinking by allowing you build your perfect sofa online, from choice of fabric, colors, cushions and of course, configuration.

configurable-sofa-sectionals-cubit-by-mymito-1-thumb-630xauto-53696 configurable-sofa-sectionals-cubit-by-mymito-2-thumb-630xauto-53698 configurable-sofa-sectionals-cubit-by-mymito-3-thumb-630xauto-53700 configurable-sofa-sectionals-cubit-by-mymito-4-thumb-630xauto-53702 configurable-sofa-sectionals-cubit-by-mymito-5-thumb-630xauto-53704 configurable-sofa-sectionals-cubit-by-mymito-6-thumb-630xauto-53706 configurable-sofa-sectionals-cubit-by-mymito-7-thumb-630xauto-53708 configurable-sofa-sectionals-cubit-by-mymito-8-thumb-630xauto-53710


[via trendir]

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