Bentwood Benches by Matthias Pliessnig

Mimicking fluidity in furniture design is not a particularly easy task but Brooklyn based Matthias Pliessnig makes it look effortless with his elegant Bentwood Benches.

The ability of these fluid structures to fit within hard, rigid corporate lobbies and spaces, goes to show just how versatile good design can be. Its a bit reminiscent of Clive Wilkinson’s work for the Barbarian Group Office, but way less bulky, and much more sultry.

The frame structure of the bench is clear for all to see, yet one may be skeptical as to how such an airy, seemingly light weight piece would be able to support the weight of a healthy, well fed individual. Therein, lies the open mystery of this radical design that spans up to 5m in length. 5m of pure seating luxury. Rumor has it that, he’s planning a 9m long iteration. We’ll be on hand to witness that historic event. You should go to his site for much more of such brilliance. No seriously, go NOW!!

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