A Simple but Witty Floating Plywood Shelf by JRB

Here is a simple  floating plywood shelf with a twist. Designed by JRB in Dresden, the shelf is compact, flexible and intuitive. “Intuitive” because, the design allows it function anywhere (even in the smallest of corners) and in any space you want.

Also, aside from carrying your favorite books, it can carry other items like your DVDs, albums, tablets, cutting board and objects shaped similarly. It comes with the option of placing the shelf in three positions; 45° left, 45° right, and of course, horizontally. So you get to add a bit of style while placing your shelf 🙂 by not restricting you to the “horizontal-ness” of the usual floating shelfs.

Another bit of the design that we love is how the storage makes use of the void within the frame, untypical of the usual floating shelf whose ability to carry depends on that void being covered. According to the designers, the shelf is made of natural sustainable materials. The plywood is made from Maritime pine in Germany and the shelf comes complete with screws and dowels.

Plywood-Shelf17-940x627 Plywood-Shelf19-940x627 Plywood-Shelf-940x627

plywood shelf jrb 1
The JRB plywood floating shelf placed horizontally.
The JRB plywood floating shelf at an angle 45 to the right.
The JRB plywood floating shelf at an angle 45 to the left.

More details – the shelf with it’s screws and dowels.
Can be placed even in the smallest corners.

Plywood-Shelf22-940x627 Plywood-Shelf20-940x627 Plywood-Shelf18-940x627 Plywood-Shelf21-940x627

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