The Wind House in Thailand by OpenSpace Design

The “Wind House” designed by OpenSpace Design is a 3 bedroom courtyard house that offers a peculiar indoor-outdoor flow which permeates the entirety of the home. 

Located in Noble Residence, Bangkok, Thailand, the 675 sqm home was created as a sort of “Resort Space” based on the client’s preference and taste as well as the site constraints. Its a home that sits embedded within the surrounding landscape, blurring the lines between interior and exterior to create a palpable atmosphere of tranquility. Below is a synopsis from the architects

The house planning started from the idea – “How to live comfortably with nature?”. Therefore,the building orientation and the space of the house should allow the wind to flow through and allow natural light to shine in without too much heat. At the same time, the users inside could be able to see nice garden view outside as well.

The house was designed in C-Shape providing big courtyard on the right side, close to big green area beside, where every function from 3 sides could really share this pleasant courtyard together. The building itself could provide privacy to the users as neighbors would not be able to look into the center of the house. The technique to draw the wind flowing through the house perfectly was to provide some big voids of the building mass aligned to the courtyard which were also used as circulation core, stair and relaxation corner. Moreover, even some details such as doors, fences, sunlight screen patterns, etc. were meticulously designed to utilize the wind more efficiently for ventilation purpose.

One of the most significant design strategies was to create “Seamless Boundary” between building and nature, indoor and outdoor. All of the common area as well as circulation were treated as “Semi-Outdoor” space, under the roof but without walls, connecting to the courtyard harmoniously. In addition, some enclosed functions were still optional to get fresh air sometimes by sliding full-height partitions to the sides. These would enable the house space to look wider, more airy and definitely, to welcome the delightful wind to be “Wind House”.

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