Containers and Concrete: The PV14 House by M Gooden Design

Located in Dallas, Texas is the PV 14 House designed by M Gooden Design, which just so happens to be yet another container architecture project. This time, however, its more of a hybrid structure that makes use of both concrete structures and the steel structure of prefabricated containers.

The single family, 3 bedroom residence, covers over 340 sqm on two stories as well as a Large roof deck with panoramic views. It also features a 2 car garage with generous storage bay and an equally generous porte cochere that could easily park a large vehicle.

In design, the home is orientated to take advantage of the views of the lake from which it sits opposite, as well as the city in the distance. The primary living areas with polished concrete floors were elevated to separate them for street traffic and activity. Overhangs and porches provide some sun shading to reduce solar gain within the home, (which in turn reduces energy costs) but still capture natural light without ever obstructing the aforementioned views. The roof deck that sits atop the structure does offer panoramic views but also doubles and a solar screen to the insulated single-ply membrane roof below, which reduces energy costs and extends the life of the roof itself.

The main aim of the design was to develop a modern residence with unique character that responds to its location and expresses the nature and attributes of the things from which it is built.

In Construction, the structure sits on a Concrete pier & beam foundation, with a structural steel superstructure of pre-manufactured steel modules (containers) insulated by a combination closed and open cell spray-on insulation and stud wall framing.

To further promote all round efficiency, double insulated, high performance glazing systems are used for fenestration (aided in their performance by substantial roof and porch overhangs) while low water consumption plumbing fixtures ensure a degree of water efficiency.
Its a well rounded, well thought out, and remarkably designed home, with a bold aesthetic on the outside and alot of character and texture on its inside.



pv14groundlevel pv14secondlevel
section3_3 section2_15 section1_27 pv14southelevation pv14northelevation pv14eastelevation pv14westelevation PV14ExteriorRendering


PV14_HouseHR4440 PV14_HouseHR4438 PV14_HouseHR3960 PV14_HouseHR3948 PV14_HouseHR3944 PV14_HouseHR3928 PV14_HouseHR3916 PV14_HouseHR3922 PV14_HouseHR4488 PV14_HouseHR4493 PV14_HouseHR3900 PV14_HouseHR3976 PV14_HouseHR4049 PV14_HouseHR4539 PV14_HouseHR4224 PV14_HouseHR4211 PV14_HouseHR4495 PV14_HouseHR4497 PV14_HouseHR4499 PV14_HouseHR4078 PV14_HouseHR4076 PV14_HouseHR4159 PV14_HouseHR4153 PV14_HouseHR4129 PV14_HouseHR4118 PV14_HouseHR4112 PV14_HouseHR4093 PV14_HouseHR4089 PV14_HouseHR4137 mod2MG1696 mod2MG1797 PV14_HouseHR4258 PV14_HouseHR4234 PV14_HouseHR4229 PV14_HouseHR4273 PV14_HouseHR4239 PV14_HouseHR4181 PV14_HouseHR4317 PV14_HouseHR4533 PV14_HouseHR4515 PV14_HouseHR4520 PV14_HouseHR4501 PV14_HouseHR4360 PV14_HouseHR4475 PV14_HouseHR4421

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