Gallery Home in Ogun State by Design Party

Lagos based architects Design Party, recently shared with us their design for an 81 sqm, 2 bedroom residence in Sango Ifo, Ogun State, affectionately called “Gallery Home”.

The concept behind the simple, compact home stems from the relationship between memories and homes and how one, in essence, compliments the other. This idea is what gives the residence its unique name, as the architects sought to create a gallery for these memories that forge an emotional connection between the client and the home.


When we are asked to do private residences, we are usually wary if we don’t have enough information of the client. Not that we want to know more about them for knowing sake, but because information about, say their past houses, say their vision, say their habits, say their experiences always helps us have enough ideas to nourish the project. Sadly with this house, we couldn’t get as much info as we would have liked.

In any case, like the pragmatic idealists that we are, we quickly adapted and formed a system of beliefs for the building. First was, homes are houses with memories and second was, memories make a home. So we decided to create memories.

How? We introduced a south-facing feature wall that enjoys direct, round-the day-sunlight to be the harbinger of memories. We hoped that it will be a wall with a recall effect, to evoke cherished collective memories. In the end we created a gallery home.


  • Location: Sango Ifo, Ogun State, SW Nigeria
  • Built up area: 81 sqm
  • Architects: Design Party
  • Design: Baba Oladeji
  • Criticism: Adeposi Okupe, Olawale Kasumu
  • Visualization: Calin Petrescu
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