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Casa Ro in Mexico by Alexanderson Architects Features an Elegant Brick Facade that lets the Home Breathe

An elegant rectilinear contemporary home in Guadalajara Mexico, called Casa Ro, designed by Alexanderson Architects, which sits of a sloping site, covering over 460 sq m.

This exquisitely designed home features a prominent brick facade with the bricks set with spaces in between, allowing the free flow of air within the volume and offering a unique aesthetic character for the home.

Its a very simple and stylish home that offers exemplary residential design and use of space, without sacrificing privacy or function. Some refer to this design style and language, as the new “international” style for residential architecture, citing the fact that most of the world’s contemporary residential design seems to follow this trend and aesthetic. While that may be true and a largely debatable subject, it still doesn’t remove from the beauty and appeal that this home offers. A nice departure from what one may see here in Nigeria. To get the full details and description of the home, see here.

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