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The Bridge House in India by Dada and Partners

Located in New Delhi, India, the Bridge House is a modern farm house sitting on 2.5 acres. Designed by Indian Architects, DADA & Partners, the house itself covers an area of about 1625 sqm.

The layout of the sprawling home is  hinged around an existing tree presumed to be more than a 75 years old. The extensively landscaped entry patio to the house was juxtaposed with this natural feature, with the entry deck bridging over a dark reflective pool while part of the house cantilevers above.

The house following a ‘C’ shaped profile has all formal areas towards the front lawn while the central wing facing north, houses the informal spaces that enjoy unhindered views of the infinity pool in the center. The master bedroom is placed towards the west and is connected to the house through a steel & glass clad bridge, hence the name. The family area on the upper level looks out through a large structural frame, framing the outdoor pool.

The landscaping is lush and green, nicely complimenting the stone, marble and wood accents that are prominent throughout the home. Its a modern home with loads of character, form and texture that does well not to get lost in its modernity.

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